Aims and Objectives

Motto Of  THE SCHOOL:   
----------Efforts Achieve Success----------

Aims Of The School:

Social & moral Development High Academic Achievement Wider opponunities to Succeed. Commitment to a life time of Learning Innovation in learning
Objectives Of The School:

The prime aim of education at Vidya Niketan School is to unravel the latent talents and hidden creativity of the child to polish and shape the rough diamond into a glittering and shining individual. We believe in all round excellence of the child. Whether_ academically or in co-curricular activities. The school provides a congenial and vibrant ambiance to the children to make teaching learning process more effective and meaningful .All latest teaching aids and educational toys are being used. Teaching learning process is made more effective and purposeful with due stress laid on interactive approach wherein student are encouraged to take part in class discussion. To import more exposure and instill stage conīŦdence among them .lnter house, intra - school, inter- school activities are being organized and students are provided opportunities to hone their skills and all efforts are being made to unravel and unearth their hidden talent's .The school offers number of activities like Music, Dance, Material Art, ABACUS training programs , Yoga , Seminars, etc. to bring out a complete Multi dimensional personality of students.
Future Plans of The School:

We have set before us long term plans to attain certain cherished. Targeted goals to achieve high academic excellence coupled with co—curricular activities. We have a common aspiration and collective will to provide quality education and Indian values to our students.

A unique sport complex, designed on international standards shall be constructed.