Chemistry Lab of our school gives a warm welcome try the mix smell of hydrogen sulphide gas and ammonia which is a testimony to a very active chemistry lab under the strict and alert vigilance of teachers and assistants. The students perform various tests and analysis of salts and solutions. A separates measurement room ensures the accurate measurement 0 chemicals for the volumetric analysis experiments. The chemistry Lab is spacious enough for instead of ordinary spirit lamps. The Lab is fully equipped with Chemicals and apparatus as per the CBSE syllabus and guidelines. The chemistry Lab is well ventilated with proper disposal of poisonous gases. Glassware and reagents used in the laboratory are of highest precision quality so as to attain highest level of accuracy in the experiments.

Physics Lab of Vidya Niketan School , is our first stop attraction. Few schools can boast of physics lab such as ours. Apart from having all the experiments as per CBSE board we have many otherdemonstration equipments.

Biology Lab gives a very colorful and panoramic view of models of human anatomy, insects cycle and many other topics made by our students. Under the guidance of our teachers. There is a Plethora of specimens injars and also 3 rd raised charts to be used as models for teaching .